Friday, February 28, 2014

Time To Play

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’
-George Bernard Shaw
‘It’s better to play than do nothing’
- Confucious
‘Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.’
- Abraham Maslow

I have been busy.  My schedule is all mixed up and I like certainty, not change.  I am a creature of habit.  Needless to say, I didn’t have time to take out my camera.  In one week I forgot how good it feels to create pictures with my camera.  How it fits perfectly in my hand.  How the world looks so beautiful close up, a mystery, a miracle.  How good it feels to play.

Yesterday I played.  I found shells and urchins from vacations past which reminded me of summer and fun.  I put them on a great Find from Lowes Home Improvement Store.  I found porcelain tiles that look like old weathered wood.  Really, that is porcelain tile.  My new tile will double for a wood deck, an ocean dock, or a country kitchen table.  It can be used indoors and be put in a pile in the corner when I am finished.  I love my Find.

Today I am linking up with Kim KIassen’s Friday Finds.  
All my photos today were textured with a Kim Klassen texture called simple.

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Have a great weekend!
Remember to play!

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Friday, February 21, 2014


I found this quote online, but couldn't find who originally wrote it.  I textured this photo with the Kim Klassen texture simple.

I found this quote yesterday and it really hit home.  I have a very good life, but some days it is easier to complain rather than be grateful for things in my life.  From the weather to the grumpy clerk at the grocery store, there is plenty I could complain about.  

However, I noticed on the days when I start seeing the good and say a mental thank you, I start seeing even more to be thankful for.    Then I recognize, really recognize, my life is full of things to be grateful for.

Today I am linking up with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.  

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I took this photo with my big girl camera and used three Kim Klassen textures, 2810, jamal and 0212.

The word photography originated from two Greek words:
φωτός (phōtos), photos for ‘light’
γραφή (graphé), graph for ‘drawing’
Together they mean ‘Drawing with light’.

I love to draw with Light.  I see Light and want to capture it’s beauty.  I chase Light.  I wait for the ‘right’ Light.

I observe Light and it’s endless array of qualities, how Light caresses each subject in a different way, sometimes softly, sometimes harshly. I move to see Light reflected on a surface, or so I don't see it's reflection.
My camera is my tool.  My camera captures the Light it sees.  Different wave lengths translate into different colors.  Different intensities translate into lights and darks.

Photography is capturing the characteristics of Light in a given moment as it falls on an object or objects.  The inspiration for an image may begin with an object, but it is truly is all about the Light.

I took this picture with my iphone and textured it with the Kim Klassen texture 99.

Today I am linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  Today’s theme is light.

I hope wherever you are spring is starting to arrive. 
Okay, that may be premature, but I still am hoping.
Have a great week!

The top definition of light is adapted from: