Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Arizona Plants

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 'Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.'
 - Lao Tzu

I need to learn a few things from nature.  I tend to rush around a lot.  When I do, my mind is rushing around too.  I am thinking off what is next, where I need to go, anything but what is going on right now.  But when I look through my camera it brings me back to the moment, slows me down.  I really look.  I see the beauty around me in that moment, and capture it for later.  Just one more reason I love photography.

I am still playing with my pictures I took in Arizona over Christmas break. Being from Ohio I enjoyed the different plants and trees in Arizona and found myself taking a lot of photos of them.

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I fell in love with the cacti.  My favorite are the saguaros.  This little bird was sitting on the saguaro for a long time.  It didn’t look comfortable.  He did fly away, so I know he wasn’t stuck. 

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The unique trees with the blue sky behind them were wonderful.  For this shot I put my camera on the ground and shot up so I didn't get any trees or bushes in the shot.  I am sure I looked silly with my head on the ground, but I am glad I did it.  I also cheated just a little and used ‘color burn’ with the texture.  That made the blue sky even bluer. 

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Stay warm and safe if snow is in your forecast.


  1. Ahh my part of the country, I agree with you I always need to slow down too. Why is that I wonder? Love your shots and the tree on the rock is awesome.

  2. Hi Michelle, yes Barbara is right, the picture with the tree on the rock is really great!
    I love this opposed colours brown/orange an this wonderful blue.
    I like the first one too, because I wish I could touch this soft...(forgot the name, sorry). :-)
    Hope you will not get too much snow!
    Greetings, Brigitte

  3. Saguaros are my favourite too and that blue sky beautiful to see on this grey day..

  4. What a wonderful quote and beautiful accompany photograph as well as post processing. Ah, your words ring very true! I have noticed when I look through my lens, not only does life slow down but I see the world different. Like I am having a private conversation with my surroundings. Enjoy

  5. Beautiful! I love the purple and gold in the first image - and the sun spot. And the blue sky in the last two images is just amazing! Love your quote too!

  6. Lovely photos, Michelle, gorgeous blue color !
    A great quote ... so true !
    Nice week,

  7. Oh, it's so true! We rush around like the Mad Hatter! But thank goodness for our cameras to slow us down and put us back in the moment. Lovely photos from AZ.

  8. Really pretty pictures and great quote!
    Love the tree...hope the bird is ok :)

  9. Love the top photo. It's beautifully done.

  10. Gorgeous! I love saguaros, too. I was in Arizona about a year ago - this brings back great memories!

  11. The top photo is so beautiful, it is so nice how the seeds pop out!

  12. What better way to spend a winter day than enjoying the summer beauty with your lovely pictures! I love the western blue skies too. Beautiful!!!

  13. I can just feel the warmth! Beautiful photos :)