Friday, March 6, 2015

Open The Door...

Open the door to your heart
And set your talents and dreams free.
There is only one you,
One unique you,
Your talents are needed in this world.
Don't keep your beauty, talents and uniqueness locked away.
Share it.
No, not everyone will like it,
Sometimes not even you,
But if it comes from your heart
It is exactly what this world, and you, need.

When we do what feels right in our heart
We rarely go wrong.
We create what we love,
Not what we think others will love.
We stay true to ourselves,
Creating the work that we are here to create.
Learning as we go
There are no failures,
only lessons learned.

Sharing our gifts and talents will embolden others
To light their heart and soul on fire,
Learn their gift,
Share their gift,
Then the cycle will continue...

What lights your soul on fire?
Do it now. 
Live how you would want your children to live:
Brave, bold and confident.
Knowing you are enough,
Exactly how you are,

I am joining Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.  My image was processed in Lightroom with Kim's preset slightlight, with a few changes, and textured with Kim's texture monday.  My Find is this cute little bird cage. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kim Klassen dot com


  1. so cute - love this idea - I might have to steal it!

  2. A Stunner!!! A breath of fresh air, and just beautiful!! I love the pop of color among all the shades of white. Sigh...

  3. Great words today. And encouragement. Sometimes we just need someone to push us on.

  4. I love the picture; it's so lovely but the words touched my heart....Thank you so much as I think we all need to hear this often....

  5. A perfect image to go with those lovely and encouraging words, Michelle !
    What a pretty flower and bird cage !
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Stunning and your words are beautiful and so encouraging... Thank you Michelle... have a great weekend!

  7. What an inspirational post, Michelle. Your words are heart-warming, and your sincerity shines through. And what a fabulous photo you've shot to demonstrate what you mean. I love it! All the best for a lovely weekend, Bonny

  8. Your photo and your writings are both beautiful. Well captured!!

  9. This is so beautiful! I love the pink gerbera and the white openness of the birdcage, a perfect combination. And such beautiful words!

    {Had to laugh out loud at your comments about my tulips!}

  10. If we don't use the gifts and talents we have been given we are wasting precious gifts. Lovely images.

  11. Michelle, Usually I'm drawn to the photographs first, but today it was your words that really called to me. Your gentle reminders to celebrate our unique qualities - and not dwell on approval or convention or comparison - are like music to my soul. More and more, I'm trusting my instincts - and for me, this has meant saying No to some things that I used to say Yes to. Your photo is the perfect accompaniment to your message today. Beautiful meanings in both picture and word.

  12. Beautiful words Michelle ! Love your pretty find :)

  13. Such a bright photo to bring those amazing words home!!!!!

  14. Love that little bird cage and the way you have presented everything with your words.

  15. Permission to print your words and put them on my wall? So perfect. I will be forwarding this to a friend that needs to hear it. I have a similar bird cage. It makes a great blurry background prop too.

  16. Wise words, indeed. Thank you!