Wednesday, March 2, 2016

25 Random Facts About Me

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."  -  Oscar Wilde

1.  I am a middle kid. :) (That's me on the right)
2.  My mom dressed me up as the 'Big Bad Wolf' for Halloween one year and my sister was 'Little Red Riding Hood'...even though she was older and bigger. 
3.  I am allergic to dogs, but I use to sleep in our poodle's dog bed when I was little. (?)

4.  I took my first roller coaster ride when I was 38. 
5.  I have a guitar, but don't play. 
6.  I can stand on my head.  Yoga makes me feel good.
7.  When I look through my camera lens I can find beauty anywhere.
8.  I love the sound of rain on a metal roof, the taste of chocolate and seeing sunlight glitter on snow.
9.  I enjoy visiting the zoo, my husband and daughter hate it.  Anybody what to go to the zoo? :)
10.  I have petted a shark, elephant, giraffe and a penguin.
11.  My 20 year old cockatiel says, "What are you doing?'  Then answers himself, "Going to the bathroom."  I am so glad I didn't say anything worse.
12.  I always wear my seat belt, and also enjoy a ride on the back of my husband's motorcycle.
13.  I wear flip flops whenever the weather allows, but I would rather be barefoot. 
14.  The beach is my favorite place to be.  I love searching for treasures, sand between my toes and salty kisses.

15.  I wear my snorkel mask too tight, this makes an imprint of the mask on my face which lasts for hours.  My family calls it 'snorkel face'.  My favorite days are when I have a 'snorkel face'.  :)
16.  A mosquito is more likely to bite me than you. 
17.  I don't like to be in water that is too dark to see my feet.  I want to know what is swimming around me.
18.  If you visited my house you would think it was clean...just don't look in my closets.  :)
19.  I am not a morning person.
20.  I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere.  Family and friends just put their hands out and know I will put the stuff in their palms if they need it.
21.  My purse is huge.  My family tells me my purse is too big, but when they don't want to carry something they want me to put it in my purse.
22.  I am tired of coloring my hair...maybe it is time to go grey.
23.  I have never seen an episode of Downton Abby. 
24.  Being a mom has been the best and hardest job of my life.  
25.  I didn't tell my sister or brother I was posting the top picture.  I hope it puts a smile on their face.  I know it did on mine. :)  Where did all those years go?

Would you like to share a random fact or two?  I would love to hear them!

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  1. And now I know you even better!! These are wonderful 25 facts about you! I love the pictures of you as a child...having fun and enjoying the dog's bed.

  2. It was great learning more about you and that photo of you in the dog bed is precious.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your 25 random facts! how fun! and that photo of you in the dogs bed is hilarious and oh-so-cute!

  4. So cute the images just make me smile and I am not your Sisters but I would like to be. You haven't changed a bit from that top one. So so cute Michelle. How fun to read all about you, but really you need to watch Downton Abby. I almost wish I hadn't watched them just so I could come over to your house and watch with you each and everyone. I also wish I could see snorkle face. Have a wonderful day and I love these.

  5. Such a great post. We share a love for the beach.

  6. That is so funny about the zoo. We use to do a new zoo every year when we were on vacation. Maybe we should do one again this year, it has been a while. You know I love the beach :) Thanks so much for sharing these, they brought a smile to my face as I read them in the early morning hours.

  7. Enjoyed reading your random facts, Michelle !
    Cute photos !
    Love chocolate too :-)
    and we share that too big purse ... but I also have a small one !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  8. That was fun, you made me giggle several times and I'm pleased to know more about you now. And I LOVE that quote you've chosen to start your post with! So funny and true… :)

    Two random facts about me:
    I used to tell that I would never ever dye my hair and now I do that occasionally and like that… :)
    I like watching films in their original languages with subtitles, dubbing spoils the sound and often also the mood of the film.

  9. It's funny that you mentioned the ZOO because that's where I want to go for my birthday in May! I love the Zoo! Mosquitos always seem to bite me too, but I AM a morning person. Oh my gosh, are we the only ones who has never seen an episode of Downton Abbey hahaha?

    Loved hearing tid bits about you, Michelle.