Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beauty In The Details

"In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion." 
-  Albert Camus
"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change."  -  Buddha." 

I know I need to stay 'on top of things'... know what is going on in the world, work, pay bills, clean the house, pull weeds...but it can all be a bit overwhelming at times.

Occasionally I want to go some place where time passes with no worries... just for a little bit...

This past weekend I found that place...on an old weathered deck with a slightly wilted mixed bouquet of flowers.  My equipment?  My iPhone 5 (yes, I need to upgrade :) and my olloclip Macro 3-IN-1 Lens. (check it out here)

I got close...really close.  I saw details I didn't see before, polka dots and little hairs.  I saw color with light and shadows.  I saw a world that shines with beauty despite what may be going on elsewhere.

The shallow depth of field narrowed my focus to see only that beauty before my eyes and the worries melted away, even if for only a minute, or maybe it was 20...  

I is ok if it isn't all in both life and photography.

Not everything can be seen at once, not all the answers or reasons, at least not from my limited view with my feet planted on earth.  All I really know is...I am here to love and be a witness to the beauty.  

I can't avoid the chaos...but I won't let it make me miss the beauty.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Great shots with that iPhone 5. Some of my personal favorite photos are the completely out of focus ones that just let colors shine without defined shape.

  2. Macro photography really opens up a whole new world! Beautiful shots!

  3. What a great post - a reminder that sometimes we need to look more closely or even blur the focus so we can actually see and understand what lies beneath the surface of first impressions. Your "wilted flowers" brought me much beauty today.

  4. I so agree with the fact that everything does not have to be in focus. I think that is one reason I love my Lensbabies. I can decide where I want to focus and put the rest into blur. I do have to say I don't use my iPhone much anymore. Good for you in doing so. I do have the attachments but always found it to not be convenient to use them. The new iPhone 7 camera sounds interesting but not worth it for me to upgrade from my 6s+. I will wait for the 7s+ next year as it will be their anniversary and heard they will make a splash with that one. Will have to see.

  5. Yes yes yes!!! Love these gentle little folds and petals. I'm sure these beautiful images will remind you of the words written here today. Great post Michelle.

  6. Glad you've found that place, Michelle, you've captured real beauty !