Thursday, October 13, 2016


"Collect things you love that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your 
story."  -  Erin Flett, Designer

I like to collect old things to photograph. 
Walking down a flea market aisle, textures usually grab my attention first, then a shape or color pull me in for a closer look.  Old kitchen utensils peak my interest...but then there are also bottles, horsehair paintbrushes, old cameras, teacups...once even a cowbell.  

It is always fun to visit a flea market.  I never know what I may find, sometimes it is like a trip down memory lane.  I have found a red tricycle that looked exactly like mine when I was little, I named mine Lightning.  I have found a black and white step stool that was just like my mom's, and my old wooden Snoopy dog I use to pull around too.   

If I go to the flea market too many more times I may have to open my own shop.  :)

Do you go to flea markets?  What do you like to collect?

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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I will be at your shop when you open. :) Love the little vignette

  2. Mostly I go to antique shops...we have some local ones that lease space to many vendors and those are fun to visit, because the variety is endless. Last month I found 1905 vintage victorian style postcards, a beautiful wool felt hat (prop but it fits), and a few pieces of vintage china cup, saucer. So, I get rid of some, then bring home more! All for the sake of memories, photo props, or decorating. I love your vintage kitchen gadgets, and tarnished spoon!

  3. I have an old beater from my grandmother just like yours. I don't collect much anymore - I'm trying hard to let go and not accumulate. However, my home is decorated with gifts from friends and family, much of it handmade with love. Looking at the things, I think of the person and feel happy.

  4. PS I also meant to say that I like your nostalgic vignette.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful collection, so beautifully displayed, Michelle !
    Love going to flea markets too ... and we have a brocante shop nearby,
    always lots of lovely things there ... my husband always asks 'where are you going to put it ?! :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Hmmm, I am not much of a flea market person. I am not good at hunting for things yet I am always impressed with what other people find! Thanks for stopping by. It was good to see your name pop up! :)

  7. I often think about renting a booth for a while just to get rid of stuff. Probably will once we get serious about moving. But I too love a trip down memory lane, stirs the writing voice.

  8. I love flea markets. When my husband and I were on the collecting end of life we liked nothing better than to spend a day searching for just the right thing to bring home. I still love to go but it takes something really special to catch my eye and want to bring it home. We are at the stage where we try to get things to leave the house now.

  9. I too like finding things that remind me of special items from my childhood...for example, I had a Cinderella hat box which stored my doll clothes and now my eyes pop when I see a hatbox of any kind....I love visiting antique auctions, flea markets,etc. to see if I can find a jewel among the often junk.....Your photograph of your collection is beautiful. You have found many lovelies.....