Thursday, February 2, 2017


"Where focus goes energy flows...shift your focus toward where you want to go and your actions will take you in that direction."  -  Tony Robbins

I like to get close.  I like to find details I would otherwise miss: little hairs, delicate petals or barely detectable spots.  I found those things and a few others at Franklin Park Conservatory's orchid show last week. (check it out HERE)

It was a photo day where hours feel like minutes, growling stomachs get ignored and I actually thought my phone was broken because the time it said was so late.  It was a good day.  :)

Instead of a New Year's resolution I picked one word to guide my year.  I chose Focus.  I want to clearly see what is important to me, and not be easily distracted...stay focused.  

It seems a little ironic to talk about my word Focus when a good percentage of each image here is out of focus.  

But I think these images actually illustrate why I chose the word Focus.  I want to bring what is important to me to the forefront...letting the rest fall away.  

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a great day!



  1. Saw hat a great word and what a great concept. The photos are amazing with such detail. How much fun it must have been to take your camera to a flower show.

  2. That last statement is so true and what is focus to one isn't to someone else. Keep true to yourself as that is what is important. Love your word.

  3. When we focus on something, other things might get out of focus and get blurred somehow and maybe that's necessary for us to be able to follow the lead.
    Focus is an admirable word to guide you, enjoy the journey! :)

  4. Your wonderful photos express your one word 'focus' ...
    the details are amazing, Michelle !
    So nice you had a great photo day !
    Have a lovely evening,

  5. I think it's a wonderful word Michelle. One word guidance where we need it at certain points in our lives are a great way to get re-connected with what's missing or whats important. beautiful post.

  6. Beautifully said...every word, from your and those above commenting! This is just perfect Michelle. Enjoy your word, and focusing journey!

  7. Thank you, Michelle for sharing such awe-inspiring images. Love them ALL!! Nice macro photography to keep us in color through the drab winter grays and browns. Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  8. Great word! And some mighty beautiful photos.

  9. Gorgeous pictures Michelle - you captured the delicate beauty that is the very essence of an orchid. Your word for 2017 is perfect for you because you're so great at capturing only the tiny details that are important to you and fading out the clutter. As always, it was such fun shooting with you!