Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just One Chair

"The joy of flea market shopping comes not only from a great find, but also from that moment when you figure out how to breathe new life into an old piece."  -  unknown

Chairs aren't an item I typically search for at flea markets, but I saw a picture which sparked an idea that won't let go of me.  I kept the idea in mind as we were walking the labyrinth of vendors last weekend at the flea market extravaganza, the same one I got lost in the last time we visited.  (Read about it here.)

I found the perfect chair...then asked about the price.  

"The chair is $290.  It is a midcentury blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."  He lost me at the price.  Usually I listen respectfully learning about what I am attempting to purchase, research for my next inquiry.  But this time, I just wanted one dark chair.  

As the sky got darker with the threat of a storm, I felt the pressure to find a chair...any chair.  I tried not to look desperate pulling my rolling crate behind me and kept looking, vendors can smell desperate a mile away.  

Turning around to look for John I saw it.  A gently used dark chair.  I asked the gentleman how much then countered 5 dollars less, willing to meet in the middle.  He accepted my offer.  I hesitated...and decided to wait...maybe there was something better.  

The sky got darker, I knew I would never find the chair again if I walked any further away, or had to run to the car.  So I left my crate with John and rushed back to buy it.  The friendly gentleman smiled and said he knew I would be back.  He was happy and I was happy.  I am glad the rain pushed me to make up my mind.  

The rain started earlier than predicted, but we still stayed.  We moved our search indoors to the vendors in the barns.  Yep.  The goat barns had vendors.  Even with the rain it was a fun flea market day.

The idea that won't let go of me?  The picture above of my new chair isn't it.  I got sidetracked by sunflowers at Trader Joe. :)  Hopefully I will be able to share the idea that won't-let-me-go in a couple of weeks...

Today is Megan's last day of school.  She is happy, well...will be happy after her finals are finished this afternoon.  Oh to be young and free wouldn't want to go back.  I am perfectly happy right here. :)

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Have a beautiful day!



  1. How wonderful that you found exactly the sort of chair you wanted to find! It will be interesting to see how you use it! Lovely sideways soft focus sunflower shot!

  2. What a great find, Michelle! Your photos are dreamy, inviting me to linger here and contemplate. :) I wouldn't want to go back in time either, the present and the future are much too invigorating! ;) Keep on loving life, and it will love you back. :) Happy weekend to you! And happy summer to your Megan!!! How wonderful!

  3. That looks like the chair we got for Mallory when she was in college. I think we paid $40, it was for her birthday. Great find for you. Our flea market is this weekend, hopefully we don't get rained out this time, we did last month.

  4. Such a great old dark chair, and I love your story of the find! The dark wood and background really let the sunflower shine. A few years ago I found a good old dark chair, and it's been one of my favorite finds to use for props.

  5. Love antique shopping and what a great find for you. Filling the chair with those beautiful sunflowers creates such an amazing photo. Enjoy the summer with your daughter.

  6. The photo at the top is so artistic and just beautiful! I think I should buy those sunflowers at Trader Joe's and then photograph them... even though they will pale in comparison with your image. How lucky that you found that chair, and of course I'm quite curious what you are going to do with it.

  7. So nice you had a great time at the flea market and found your perfect chair, Michelle!
    Such a lovely chair and so beautifully captured with the sunflowers on it !
    Love your dark and moody photos !
    Hope you're having a nice week,

  8. These photos are ineradicable! And the title itself gives an impression of solitude, which is what I see in your pieces. Your prose is almost story-like...I saw the surroundings even though the photos didn't show it...great job!


  9. Glad you bought the chair because it makes you happy. Sometimes we have to splurge and treat ourselves. I got sidetracked by this mesmerizing picture of the yellow flower. It is sensational.

    Wishing Megan fun and carefree summer days.


  10. That chair certainly fits the mood of the photo. And those sunflowers are just the right color touch. I'm glad you found just what you were looking for.

  11. The photo with the chair is lovely and the story of getting the chair was fun to read but my eyes are attracted to that second image again and again, it feels very delicate. Summer is almost over now, wishing you to enjoy the rest of it!