Friday, November 8, 2013

Hairy Sunflower

This photo is textured with kk_0511 and kk_0411

Until I got up close and personal with this sunflower, I never considered sunflowers hairy.  It really does look like it has hair.  I’m sure there is a scientific term to describe this fuzz, but I think hair seems to fit.  

My daughter thinks this flower would make a great chandelier.  She is now planning her house to have all flower lights.  She is 12 and still has time to change her mind a few hundred times. I love hearing about each one of her new ideas.

This photo is textured with kk_0511 and kk_0411
This photo textured with kk_0511 and kk_0411

I don’t have an elaborate story for this Friday Find.  I just saw the sunflowers at the grocery store and wondered how much longer the stores would carry the fall flower.  So I bought them.  I imagined them in an old milk bottle, but found this blue vase first.  I am hoping the sunflowers stay fresh for a while longer, so I can take their photo in the old milk bottle too.  Maybe next week…

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