Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Word For 2016

Choosing a 'word for the year' is similar to a New Year's resolution, but way better.  A word for the year points me in the right direction.  It is a little whisper of guidance during times I am stuck and wonder what to do next...oh, I will  (insert my word).

There is also no failure with a word for the year.  If I forget, I try to remember next is always ok to begin again.

I chose my word before Christmas.  I asked Megan, my 14 year old daughter, if she would stamp the word on a charm for my Christmas present.  She did a fabulous job.  (the turquoise bead was a souvenir from Sedona, AZ she made into a pendent.)  

My word? 

bring something into existence.

My heart loves to create, whether it is photography, cooking, decorating, or writing, I feel better when I create.  This year I intend to create more and not feel guilty about it...

The word create also reminds me I am an active participant in create-ing my life.  I can either sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride, or slide over to the driver's seat and not only enjoy the ride, but also direct it.  

I intend to create a wonderful year.  

Have you picked a word?  I would love to hear about it.

I hope you had a fantastic Holiday season.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great day!



  1. Oh Michelle! What a perfectly written post about a word for the year! You are amazing! I love your word, and I love the words here...sigh! Happy creating in 2016, and yes, enjoy being in the driver's seat. xx

  2. p.s. I LOVE your hydrangeas from above!

  3. I loved reading about your word for the year and I also will look forward to your sharing how it impacts your time. Your daughter is very talented. The necklace she made for you is beautiful and a constant reminder of your word for the year.

  4. I love that thought..."I intend to create a wonderful year." So inspiring! Love your 2016 image too! My word for the year turns out to be comfort - and already it has served me well. In the past I have chosen phrases such as "no expectations" or "let is wash over you." But this year one word seemed appropriate, and Kim kicked it off.

  5. That word is so perfect for you Michelle! Mine is open - open to possibilities. Create is definitely multi-faceted.

  6. So in love with your hydrangeas and a great word to ponder all year.

  7. Creativity is part of who you are so that's a very appropriate word for you. My word this year is savor as I intend to enjoy each moment.

  8. Great word for the year, Michelle, it suits you. :)

    Your hydrangeas are very creative... what a start! I love what you say that it is always OK to begin again when we forget to follow the word's advice and direction. This is a great way to grow. Good luck with your new companion!

  9. Perfect word for 2016, Michelle, wishing you a very creative year !
    Lovely capture of the Hydrangeas and your daughter did indeed a great job !
    My word is 'change' ... because I want to change a lot this year ...
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. Oh wow - what a beautiful word and piece of jewellery to remind you of it! Happy 2016 to you as well Michelle!

  11. You have such a talent for making the simple things in life look so beautiful, dear Michelle! Lovely word of the year too. :)