Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cooking Failures?

"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun."  -  Julia Child

Have you ever had a  colossal failure in the kitchen?  I have had many...but two come to mind first.

When I was a teenager, my mom asked if I could make meatloaf for dinner.  Sure.  The recipe called for one cup of chicken bouillon.  I had no idea what that was.  I looked in the pantry and found a little glass jar that said chicken bouillon cubes. 
I figured I had to unwrap and crush enough cubes to make one cup.  There wasn't quite enough cubes to make a cup but I thought it would be was more than enough.  I was suppose to dissolve one chicken bouillon cube in one cup of water.  It was a little salty.  My dad was the only one who ate it.  

During my second epic failure I was a newlywed with a new kitchen appliance, the pressure cooker.  I made lentil soup, or mud soup as my husband still lovingly refers to it.  The soup really did resemble mud.  I can't believe he ate it.

(Off topic...I just realized another reason my husband and dad are so great.  They eat my food no matter how it tastes! :)

'Tiramisu' Pudding Cups
I put a Nilla Wafer dipped in coffee on the bottom, added vanilla pudding with instant coffee dissolved in it
 and dusted with cocoa powder.

Cooking is a great metaphor for life.  There are so many is all a great big experiment.  With any experiment how the end product turns out is a mystery.  It may turn out great and failure is always a possibility...even if I follow all the 'rules'.  But if I look at a failure as a learning experience, is there really such a thing as failure?

Since I have to eat, I continue to cook.  Over the years I learned a lot from successes and failures.  I don't worry as much about the outcome, even taking a few more risks. I seem to be getting better results with experience, although there still are 'failures' now and again...just like life.  

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  1. Michelle, this is a wonderful topic to write a post about! Reminiscing about food failures always brings a smile or a laugh to our family. The pressure cooker story is really good, and that pan is often a frightening thing to use, but it can turn out some tender foods. I LOVE your Tiramisu cupcakes...and one missing! Such a great, great post!!

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  3. I LOVE your new blog look with your self portrait and header!! (a crazy type in the deleted one) 😁

  4. Michelle you made me laugh so much here. Thank you for the cooking segment failures. I just had one that I remember which wasn't very long ago, 2 years in fact. I was hosting Christmas Eve for my family and my GD wanted a chocolate pie. Sure no problem well I love pies and I have made this before but for whatever reason it was beautiful on top but when you cut into it it was like a river of chocolate. Not sure to this day know why it didn't set. My son in law gave me a lot of hassle for this and called it Pie Fail. The image of the cupcakes looks really wonderful. Thanks for the giggle.

  5. Michelle, I love your new blog design and your beautiful picture; sweet smile you have there....I think we all have had our kitchen failures and hubby is much like yours in that he will try whatever I fix. I do remember when we first got married that I tried to make biscuits and you could throw them against the wall and they wouldn't break..I was afraid he was going to break a tooth trying to eat one....You are so right about cooking being a metaphor for never know what you're going to get....I hope you have a great day....

  6. Loved the topic today. I think we've all had those disasters. My first one happened when I was just a newlywed. I was so proud that I made jello in a mold and asked my husband to help me unmold it. I dipped it in warm water and turned it upside down on a plate that he was holding. I left it in the water much too long because the whole thing slipped right off the plate and onto the floor...whoops!

  7. What a fun cooking story, Michelle !
    Your tiramisu cupcakes look great ... wish I could try one :-)
    Lovely new blog header and layout, and a wonderful profile photo !
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Failures definitely make us stronger and wiser. Those treats look so yummy! My mother is not much of a cook, so I had to learn on my own, definitely a steep learning curve with still a failure or two along the way.

  9. Oh my gosh I loved this post! I had quite the giggle ... also remembering a time I made brownies and my younger brother was "helping" ... he decided some ground sage would be the thing to add to them (not a good idea). We all tried to eat them but, just couldn't. I also love your new header and your photo - bravo!!

  10. I certainly have had my share of food failures and I continue to be a bit unglued every time I enter the kitchen. I loved your post, a welcome change, one that resonated with me.

  11. Lmao-oh that bouillon story is the best. I've had major epic fails in the kitchen for sure. It's funny-I don't let it deter from going back in the kitchen again and again-why do I let other failures keep me from going and trying again? You've got me thinking-great metaphor-love he light and brightness of your photos xo

  12. I also loved the bouillon sister in law was making corn beef and cabbage when she was first married. When the meal was cook the cabbage didn't look so good. Come to find out it was a head of lettuce. My brother asked her why she bought lettuce and she said "it was in with all the other cabbages." We still laugh over this story. Those pudding cups look so delicious...Thanks for making me smile tonight.
    You are doing wonderfully now..that's how we learn

  13. Great topic, Michelle, full of fun. I guess these memories make us all smile, everybody has a story to add. My favourite memory would be that of a cottage-cheese cake that curdled but my husband loved it and still asks me to bake one. I have no idea how I would do that! :)

    I love that photo with the missing piece, and also your new profile photo, it's great to see the face behind the words!

    By the way, I read your comment on Barb's blog a few days ago where you mentioned bullet journalling. I followed the link you left and the idea of bujo (as they often call it) caught my attention. It seems so creative and practical at the same time. I read several posts written for beginners to understand the system and also I started gathering some ideas that I like, it all seems very inspiring. Did you start in February as you planned? I decided to wait a few days or weeks to be sure I want to do that but I really like that. Thanks for the inspiration!