Thursday, June 16, 2016


"Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory."  -  Dr. Seuss
I love the smell of peonies.  

They remind me of my grandma and grandpa's house.  When I was little we would alternate between their house and ours' for dinner on Sunday night.  Grandma would give us soda in a tall red glass, since my mom didn't buy us soda, it was a special treat.  Even after all these years, whenever I am drinking soda and bubbles fizz up to touch my nose, I remember my Grandma.  

When the weather was nice we played croquet in their backyard.  Their yard was nice and flat, a perfect croquet field. 

I purchased a croquet set at a garage sale a few years back.  When my mom and dad visit we have a ball playing croquet.  We reminisce about the days playing with grandma and grandpa, and at the same time make memories for my daughter with her grandparents.

Summer is a good time to make memories. :)

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  1. What beautiful memories and I think it is a shame that we don't do this more often or maybe it is just with my family we don't. Have those special days of just getting together for a meal and good memories. You have used this wonderful old flower and showcased it at its best. Wonderfully simple and beautiful peonies. The special times with my Mom when I went for a visit was her and me walking around her yard and her showing me what was blooming. It was always special to her, her yard and blooms, that is how I remember of her. And the peonies were one of the special times for me. Have a beautiful summer Michelle

  2. Yes, those are the sweetest memories. I remember, too, the little treats that we got at grandmas. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. and I both did peony posts and they have the most delicate scent. Yes to croquet! What beautiful memories of your grandparents. Love your editing on your photos today Michelle.

  4. Oh I remember playing croquet at home in our front yard, and badminton too. Funny how we never do these things any more.

  5. Such lovely memories, Michelle !
    Love peonies ..these are so pretty in soft pink and yellow !
    Amazing captures ... love the darker tones on one side !
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Oh Michelle your images are so wonderful!! Especially loving that first one. The peonies are an exquisite color, sheer perfection. And such a wonderful memory brings to mind a few at my grandparents house. I am sure it was there that I first developed a love for gardening.

  7. Oh, love your memories! Croquet is such a fun game. Your peonies are simply stunning!!