Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Is Here!

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."  -  Sam Keen
"Some of the best memories are made in flip flops."  -  Kellie Elmore
"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing , the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."  -  James Dent

I love summer. 

I am enjoying taking pictures in the morning light.  I think it may be a new obsession.  I love the circles of bokeh.

The hummingbirds are humming. I have yet to take a good picture of a hummingbird.  I know they know when I have a camera in my hand and stay away.  There is a little female ruby-throated hummingbird that comes down to my sitting level to talk to me now and again, I think I have my best chance of a photograph with her. :)

Megan, my daughter, has taken over mowing the grass this year.  :)  She is earning money for her car insurance next fall.  I can't believe she will be old enough to drive...

We have also had fun boating on the Lake.  I do not like to drive the boat.  Why?  There are no lanes on a lake.  I really can't relax because I am afraid I will hit someone.  So...I love to ride in the boat. :)

There are a few more things I would like to do this summer...go to the Farmers Frisbee Golf...learn how to tango...probably a few more...

Do you have any big plans for the rest of your summer?

I will be taking a summer break from my blog.  I will be back in August to let you know if I really did learn how to tango.  :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your summer!



  1. Have a great summer...and come back with tons of photos.

  2. Love that crazy bokeh. Summer is really not my favorite it may be because it is so hot here in Phoenix that is what I detest.

    Have a good time on your brake I know I have been enjoying mine.

  3. July is busy for us. Glen and I will be going to Toronto later this month to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. One other short little trip planned next week. Also doing my very first and probably last family group portrait session. If it wasn't for a good friend with low expectations I wouldn't be doing it, but the experience will be good, and a big push out of my comfort zone. I will keep on with my blog, I thought about taking a couple weeks off, but it is hard for me to come back after being away, so I will publish as I get stuff done, going to be trying out some more story telling stories, we will see how they go, my blog is a good place to practice these. I can publish without the pressure of perfect. Have a great July, can't wait to see what you accomplish.

  4. Morning light is often magical, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you will take. Have a beautiful summer, lots of laugh and relaxation! :)

  5. Such wonderful bokeh, Michelle !
    Your plans for the summer look great ... hope you can achieve all of them !
    Enjoy your summer break, looking forward to see you back in August ...
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Oh I love your Bokeh.
    We are just finishing up a trip to Phoenix and then heading to Maine for most of the summer. It's such a quick season, I just love getting out and enjoying it.
    Such a lovely photo and wonderful quotes. Have fun.

  7. Love your lavender and bee buzzing - so summery! Your "list of things to do" sounds so fun...learning to tango sounds cool! I have two left feet and no rhythm... We're enjoying the mild weather this summer...quiet porch time, picking flowers from the garden, convertible rides, and family time. Enjoy your break...I'm not sure how often I'll post either.

  8. Have fun Michelle, good time to take a break. I am looking to find some of the places locally that I have never been to, little known spot or places that just keep getting away from me. A few stay vacation days will be fun too.

  9. Enjoy your summer, Michelle!
    I'll be also playing Frisbee Golf - a lovely way to be outside and active.
    And congratulations for outsourcing the lawn moving ... That is a good deal for everyone.

  10. Hope you are enjoying your summer-I know all about trying to capture that perfect hummer photo! When our children start to drive? It's a cursed blessing!! Xo

  11. adorabili le immagini del tuo blog :)
    ti seguo come follower se ti va ti aspetto nel mio blog :) ciao

  12. I don't like to be off-topic, but I have a problem which I hope you can help me. My problem is when I have Blogger on my computer. (All other areas seem to be fine) Whenever I press the "new post" button it seems to take *forever* to get to to the proper screen. It just says "loading..." at the top. It does eventually get to the proper screen, but this is after 45 minutes or more. Have you had this problem, and what did you do to solve it? My computer is a HP Chromebook 14. Thank you very much.

    PS- Your daughter is right.

  13. What a beautiful picture ! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Such a beautiful picture..loved it :)