Friday, September 19, 2014

An Old Polaroid Camera

I picked up the book Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids by Susannah Conway, Jen Altman and Amanda Gilligan.  As I was looking through the book I realized I may have a Polaroid camera in the collection of old cameras my Mom had given me several years ago.  I looked through the boxes and sure enough, I had an old Polaroid camera. 

Now to find out if the camera worked…  I searched online for the type of battery it needed and ordered one through a local store.  This week I bought some Fuji film and tried out the camera.  

My first images were a little dark, I needed to move somewhere sunnier.  I went to see if the sunflower field still had sunflowers blooming, and they did.  My first picture of a sunflower turned out great, then the film got hung up a little and the next images really didn’t work well.   

Taking pictures with an old Polaroid camera can be tricky.  With the viewfinder on top of the camera and the developing time dependent on me, I am never sure what the image is going to look like.  Although I really did have fun trekking through a field with an old bellows camera – that actually works! 

Today I am joining Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.  My camera and flower images were textured with Kim Klassen’s texture 100.  My Finds this week are some beautiful hydrangeas, rediscovering an old Polaroid camera and learning that letting go of the outcome can be fun.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. How fun to try an old camera! I LOVE your up top photo!!

  2. Looks like you are having fun with your 'new' camera! Happy Friday!

  3. Great finds! The hydrangea is gorgeous and I love what you say about letting go of the outcome ... wonderful!

  4. Great to find an old treasure and lots of fun to play with.

  5. It must be fun to play around with an old camera - I believe that it can be tricky. Your photos are very beautiful.

  6. How cool! Just one time that was the latest technology. I remember taking photos with it and reveling at the magic of instant development. With all those pictures sitiing on my computer I don't often have hands on prints to look at.

  7. One of my favorite blog posts for Friday Finds! I love vintage cameras and the quote by Marc Riboud is perfect. So wonderful hydrangeas and old cameras and unexpected outcomes are welcomed and cherished. Your photos tell volumes about the person you are - and it's delightful story.

  8. Loved the quote and your beautiful hydrangeas! I didn't realize you could still get film for a Polaroid. They were quite magical in their time. Happy Friday!

  9. Great finds, Michelle !
    I love Polaroids and the book must be great ...
    Enjoy your Flow Magazine :-)
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. Such a special find, Michelle!
    A part of polaroids must be seeing the result right away - and not being sure of how the light and everything comes out :-)

  11. What a wonderful find. I have several old cameras set up around the house as display pieces. Pretty sure they don't work.

  12. Great finds! I have a collection of old cameras, I need to drag them out and try a few!

  13. Such a charming find, Michelle! I didn't know you could still get film for a Polaroid. I still have one at my parents' back in Italy, I must check it out when I go there for Christmas.
    Your first image with the pretty hydrangea is really gorgeous, and I love the quote too.
    Have a wonderful Autumn. :)

  14. Michelle,
    first of all: your new header is gorgeous! So pretty, so true ♥
    And I would love to hang this first picture of you on my wall.
    Just wonderful! ♥♥♥