Friday, October 17, 2014

20th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week in California.  It was my first time in California and a great trip.  We started in San Francisco then drove up to wine country.  It was harvest time in wine country.  The sights, smells and tastes were wonderful, a sensory overload.  

The leaves were turning colors, the sky was blue and the grapes were being picked.  A few vineyards left grapes on the vines for visitors to pick and eat, it was fun comparing the different types of grapes.  

 The bees were well aware the sauvignon blanc grapes were the sweetest.

After a day of wine tasting, dslr photography is a little less precise .  I did remember to use a variety of apertures as I was taking pictures.  While looking over my images at home, I decided I liked the aperture f5.6 for the depth of field in the grape vines, just the right amount of focus and blur.

I am still amazed that 20 years has past since my husband and I got married, the time really has flown by.  In those 20 years I truly believe we have made each other a better person.   Yes, we argue at times, annoy each other too, but I can’t imagine my life without him.  

Today I am joining Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.  My images were all tweaked in Lightroom and I added Kim’s texture ‘flow’ in Photoshop Elements.  My Finds are:  20 years of marriage is something to truly celebrate and never to be taken for granted, grapes right off the vine are very yummy and I like f5.6 when standing among grapevines.

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Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I lived in the Bay Area for 38 years and know the beauty you have captured and such a great place to spend an anniversary. Fall is just wonderful with the golden hills and the beauty of the grapes. The wine isn't bad either. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary ... what a perfect way to celebrate ... a vacation with you husband, a little wine, a little photography, sounds just perfect!! Love your photos and DOF!

  3. Happy 20th Anniversary to you!! Such a wonderful place to celebrate, it looks just beautiful! I love your photos especially the one of the grapes with lots of light. Many happy years ahead for you both!!

  4. A wonderful anniversary get away, at least in my mind. I love the 5.6 f-stop as well, seems to hit it just right.

  5. A lovely way to celebrate an anniversary congratulations. And some lovely colours in tour images.

  6. How delightful! Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had an amazing time in California - I'd love to go there sometime. I absolutely love that shot of the purple? grapes - wonderful colour and bokeh!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both, Michelle !
    So nice you had a wonderful time in California ... gorgeous photos !
    Enjoy the weekend,

  8. Congratulations, and what a lovely story to share with us, Love your rich autumn images, and the grapes look so very juicy with f5.6 :)

  9. Happy 20th anniversary! What a great way to celebrate. Hubby and I have been to San Francisco and the wine country in October 2005, and it sure was fabulous. You captured it beautifully, especially the juicy grapes. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. This blog post is a beautiful testament to your marriage. Happy Anniversary! Your pictures document the trip together and the way you see the world with your husband by your side - so much to be grateful for.

  11. Happy anniversary to you. What a great place for a celebration. We took the wine train through the country. How beautiful. Love your pictures.

  12. Happy anniversary! Beautiful part of the country to celebrate in! Love your images!