Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Quickest Summer Ever

My husband, daughter and I took a trip to a tiny island called St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  We love this island.  John, my husband, and I first visited St. John before we were married, over 20 years ago.  The word has gotten out about how beautiful it is and more people visit than twenty years ago, but we can still find secret beaches we share with the seagulls for an afternoon.  

It is so beautiful I can stare out at the horizon for hours on end.  After relaxing, we have fun snorkeling, swinging on a tire swing, searching for sea glass, taking a boat trip, hiking...  

This summer we also visited family in Tennessee and Indiana, family from Missouri visited us.  Laughing and visiting with family fills my heart with happiness.  Having miles separate family is bitter sweet.  It is sad because we don't get together as much as we would like, but when we are together we truly appreciate and cherish the special time.

While visiting with family we celebrated a 50th and a 40th birthday.  Have you ever seen 50 candles on a cake?  I was surprised the smoke detector didn't go off.  Love you both. :)

Back in Ohio we did some flea market shopping, some purchases will be seen in my future photos.  I can't believe I had to be dragged to my first flea market, now I can't wait to go and find another photography 'prop'.  

Megan, my daughter, just started her first year of high school.  It is amazing how quickly time flies.  I think it hit John harder than me because of his comment on her first day, " Your baby just left for high school."  

Photography is one constant in my life, even when everything else seems crazy.  I have been taking lots of pictures.  Cleaned up my Instagram account and am finding a lot of inspiration there.  I also entered a Sunflower Art Show, a celebration of sunflowers with paintings and photography.  

I can't believe I have been away from this space for so long, it is nice to be back.

Thank you so much for coming to visit.
I hope you enjoyed your summer.


  1. So very nice to see you back Michelle! And your "secret" vacation spot is simply gorgeous! We had one too, but funny how they get found out fast. I hope your daughter enjoys her first year in HS!! Your summer sounds like it was very fun, and filled with all you love.

  2. Welcome back. I love your vacation pictures and can't wait to see more of your fun filled summer.

  3. So nice you're back, Michelle !
    Gorgeous photos ... looks like you all had a wonderful vacation !
    Time flies indeed ... wishing your daughter all the best !
    Have a nice week,

  4. wow, this lace is truly stunning. So are your images :)

    Hi, I found you on Kim Klassens last meme Texture Tuesday. It seem to me she ended it.

    I want to let you know I have a photo art meme and that you are welcome to join if you still creates art. I call it NF DAM as in Digital Art Meme. You can use textures or do anything else if you wish.

    You are welcome to check it out. Last one, opened a few hours ago, is this one:

  5. Hi Michelle-these photos are a dream. Looks like a beautiful vacation. I totally get how time flies-hope your daughter does well in high school-that time flies-hold into your hat!

  6. These shots just say 'take me away'...absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and summer all together. It's very hard when a child goes to high school; I hope she has a wonderful year ahead of her....

  7. Hi Michelle. I'm glad I stumbled across your online presence on Instagram. You have a beautiful blog! I'm now following you and look forward to reading more.

  8. Hi! So nice you're back! Your pics are always stunning!

  9. Dear Michelle, how lovely to hear about your summer. It sounds like you had a truly sensation time. Love the photos. They are so dreamy. All the best and good luck with the art show, Bonny

  10. Sounds like an awesome summer! Filled with fun and photography and family time.