Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Is In The AIr

Summer ends and autumn comes, and he who would have thought it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night."  -  Hal Borland

Summer is definitely winding down.

There are a few lingering flowers blooming in my garden, their colors muted.  The grass is growing much slower.  I am savoring the last of the tomatoes from the farmers market.  Pumpkins are showing up to purchase.  Formerly vacant store fronts are transforming into Halloween shops.  No more jumping into the lake, too cool to be comfortable in a wet swimsuit on the boat.  A light coat in the morning gets shed by midday.  Wondering when my flip flops will have to be set aside...and what will take their place.  Projects turning from outside to inside.  Throwing light blankets on the beds.  Making mental notes of plans to make for next summer.  Remembering summer memories with a smile on my face...

What does the end of summer look like in your neck of the woods?

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Enjoy the last days of summer!



  1. This is when I begin to plant again after the hot summer here in the desert. It is all good, we don't see fall until last of Nov or Christmas. No one wants to see the few fall leaves that we might have then. Everyone is on to Christmas or snow. I like your little cleaning brush.

  2. Well that sounds very familiar! Except the empty store fronts, they just are looking more glum here.

  3. Your grass needs to talk to my grass. I swear I am still cutting it twice a week. Next house we are having a much smaller yard.

  4. I love the paintbrush for your background to your flowers; very creative....Change is in the air here. We are still having some hot days but the temps are down some and that's very nice. I am seeing pumpkins everywhere. Even decorated with a few on the sideboard.....when you have a grand daughter that thinks she's a decorator, you decorate early whatever the season....

  5. The changing season...still a few hot and humid today is rain and cooler. I love listening to rain in the autumn. The vibrant green leaf colors are fading, and hints of yellow, red and orange are coming out slowly. Yesterday I cut back some of the overhanging many the finches will not get to eat all the seeds. As autumn arrives, I often think ahead to next spring, planning what flowers I want in the garden, especially if I need to plant them now. Love reading your end of summer thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Lovely thoughts, Michelle !
    I'm always a bit sad when summer ends ... we had beautiful sunny days these past few weeks ... :-)
    Oh, your photo ...
    the flowers on top of that gorgeous paintbrush, such a lovely setting !
    Have a nice weekend,

  7. Your still life photo is so interesting and unusual. Here in the mountains of CO, leaves are at their peak color. By Friday, snow is in the forecast (say it isn't so!!). Nights are already inching below freezing. At dusk, I watched a doe and triplet fawns grazing just at the edge of the forest.