Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Snoopy

Photo taken with an iphone and textured with Kim Klassen Textures kk_teddy and kk_sepiascratched.

Today I am linking up with Friday Finds.

I went shopping with a friend yesterday.   We went to a little town full of antique shops and a few boutiques sprinkled here and there.   The weather held out and we had a great day. 

The very last shop we went into had a Little Snoopy.  This was my favorite toy when I was little.  I would pull him around for hours.  His wheel axles are bow shaped giving him an up and down bop when he is pulled.  He also makes a funny squeak noise.  This Little Snoopy has sure seen better days, but he is still cute.

I loved Little Snoopy!  I guess I still do. 

Do you remember your favorite toy growing up?  

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh what fun memories you have of your Snoopy! I do remember this little guy, and he is well worn. My favorite thing to play with as a child was the kitchen station my dad built for my sister and I, along with high chairs for the dolls. I still have the doll high chair.

  2. I remember this little guy just as Beverly does, guess that ages us. My kids played with this little guy for many hours.

  3. What a cute 'Little Snoopy' !
    My favorites were teddy bears :-)
    Nice weekend,

  4. Finding this little guy was serendipity! Such a happy story.

  5. I remember this..mine was a Dawn doll that I saved cereal boxtops( I think) My brother JUST found that doll in my mothers attic. I thought it was LONG gone. I can't wait until he sends her to me.

  6. Great find, Little Snoopy brings back memories.

  7. Such a sweet photo for a lovely memory. My favorite toy was a record player and any mirror where I could watch myself sing and dance - funny but not talented!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Guess what - mine favorite toy was also this little black BRIO dog with wheels! I started to smile already when I saw your photo - bunch memories coming back to me :)
    Thank you for taking me down the memory lane!