Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

This photo is textured with kk_frosted and kk_patina.

My life seems a bit crazier during the Holidays with all the extras that need to be competed.  Yesterday while I was rushing through my kitchen, I noticed the flowers I bought last week were wilting, even crispy on the edges.  Then I remembered my plan for those flowers.  I bought them not only to brighten my kitchen, but to satisfy that creative urge to snap a few photographs.  Life got in the way.  

I decided to stop and take pictures.  

This photo textured with kk_frosted and kk_patina.

My daughter was getting hungry and was wondering what was for dinner.  Pasta was my answer and I would be finished in a minute to make it.  Well…  I couldn’t stop.  I shot every angle possible in my little space.  I moved here, shifted a little there.   I played with netting.  I turned the vase around, shot into the light.  I would have shot longer but the sun was setting and I ran out of light, and I was getting pretty hungry myself. 
It felt good to stop and smell the roses.  

I hope you take some time to stop and smell the roses today. 

Have a great week!
Today I am linking up with Texture Tuesday.


  1. I still have roses blooming too, these are are so pretty!

  2. Pretty a lovely bit of colour on a grey day ...

  3. So beautiful and wonderful texture work. Lovely.

  4. Such a pretty rose, Michelle, lovely pink tones !
    Beautiful captures and texture work !
    Nice week,

  5. Ha! You sound like me. Yes, I'll cook dinner after just one more photo ... just one more! I'm glad you kept going because these are beautiful and as our roses are long gone, a sight for sore eyes.

  6. Your images are gorgeous! It is very important to stop once in while, isn't it!

  7. So pretty. It's so easy to get caught up in stuff at this time of year especially. Love that you made some time to play. :)

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I'm glad you ´stopped and took these lovely pictures ... the depth of field is lovely in the first one, I'm just drawn to the pretty rose ... so beautiful!