Friday, May 23, 2014


‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’  -  Mahatma Gandhi
‘You learn something every day if you pay attention.’  -  Ray LeBlond

I found these boppy little flowers in a mixed bouquet at Trader Joe.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the flowers, I just knew I needed to take their picture.  When I took the flowers’ picture I had the Be Still 52 class in mind, leaving negative space. 

In the Start to Finish class our challenge was eggs, anything to do with eggs.  I eat a lot of eggs, but I have never taken a picture of eggs before yesterday.   I didn't realized how photogenic they are. 

Today I am joining Friday Finds, Start to Finish and Be Still 52.  My images where textured with the Kim Klassen Textures simple and 0312.

Thank you for stopping by!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Michelle,
    sorry that I did not comment in the last time. I was so busy.
    But today I can relax a little bit so I find time to look at KK Friday Finds.
    Your first picture is awesome!!! So so pretty!
    This would be one of my favorite greeting cards pretty!
    You found this flowers at Trader Joes? I know this supermarket very well from California where we lived some years. My daughter loved to look for little pirate 'pierre' in the storages. many wonderful memories!
    Thanks for sharing this pretty pictures and interesting thoughts.
    Have a great weekend and take care...
    Your Brigitte

  2. Oh your images left me breathless this morning! Absolutely stunning work! Oh, and those flowers are chives - one of my favourites. The ones in the vase... I'm not sure but they look like clover... anyway I love love love it!

    1. Yes Barb, they are chives. I have been so busy this morning I forgot to put that in the post. Thank you!!

  3. All so very lovely, Michelle !
    So love your first photo ... beautiful light and wonderful capture of
    those pretty flowers !
    Nice weekend,

  4. Wow! Both the flowers and the eggs are a pleasure to look at well done and thanks so much for stopping by today!

  5. very pretty and look so cool with your brown eggs!

  6. Oh the eggs with the flowers. Visiting from Be Still 52.

  7. Visiting from Be Still 52 - So delicate and soft...beautiful

  8. How wonderful that Kim's classes are providing so much inspiration. It's such fun to see your creative takes on each assignment. The flowers of chives are so striking and I love you first image with the simple vase and the elegant negative space. But the view from above of the eggs and chives is my favorite. I often add chives to my scrambled eggs, so this photo just makes me hungry!

  9. I recently had a conversation with my mother about continued learning. I said I want to keep learning new things each and every day. She had more the mentality that at 71 she was done learning, but she called me later to let me know our conversation got her thinking.

  10. Lovely captures, Michelle! Eggs are photogenig, I find the round form appealing as well :)
    Your light colors are happy and cheerful - Those chives are so pretty!

  11. I love the simplicity of the clover!

  12. Love love love the first photo! :) Very well done.

  13. you are rocking that camera girl.... everything...
    the boppy top photo... so good.....the chives... the eggs.. the comp.
    spot on lovely.

  14. Lovely especially the top one lovely shape...