Friday, June 20, 2014

Letting Go...

‘All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.’ – Henry Ellis

I have 16 GB of storage free on my laptop.  Really.  I save a lot.  I have a hard time letting go…

My computer isn’t the only place I save a lot.  I keep ticket stubs, passes and little mementos from trips.  I have purple eyes shadow from years past; just in case I am in a purple mood.  I have a guide book to Bora Bora that is 20 years old.  I have a pasta maker, punch bowl and popcorn popper, none of which have been used in years. 

I really am not a hoarder.  I like a neat and tidy house.  Just don’t look in my closets, there is some cleaning that needs to be done. 

I keep stuff just in case. Maybe I will need one someday and I wouldn’t want to pay for another one.  Right? 

My computer issue has shown me I can’t hold on to it all. I have started going through my computer, deleting what I really don't need.  I am also going through my closets, giving away things I don’t use.   I think when I have less ‘stuff’ I appreciate all I do have even more…

Today I am joining Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.  My finds are these little flowers and the realization it is okay to let go, donate and toss when necessary.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wonderful find! I agree that it's okay to let go but most of the time (I think) our intention is to save cherished moments.

  2. Oh, my, Michelle! You sound like me: neat house, overstuffed closets and files. I keep telling myself I'll clean them when the cool weather comes. This will be the third year since I retired. I hope I get back here to tell you 'I did it'. I am better with computer space because I'm so aware of the problems that can occur and with my PC and EHD's, I have a lot more space than you. By the way, your flower is gorgeous! {And it seems my issues with CS6 have cleared up. An electronic blip, I guess.}

  3. A really nice text from Henry ellis!
    All the Best,
    Andy from Germany

  4. LOVE your photos and flower in the bottle. I've been cleaning out too...both old photos and closets. So much more to do though! Sigh!

  5. Good for you for cleaning out I don't know what to do with all those old photos. I've put a Lot of them on my blog and a few times I have made some of my blog into a book. I don't do photo books but that seems to be the way to preserve those best photos. It's easy to gather many pics and I tend to keep way too many. I need to edit!

  6. I try to make it a point to go through my house-closets, drawers and flash drives twice a year. It helps. Good for you letting go.

  7. photos and flower in the bottle with a key hang on it - perfect idea and shot.. LOVE it!

  8. I know what you mean by having a hard time letting go... Lovely photos... love the little key!

  9. I find when I let go of things, it's freeing and the house seems to breathe a little easier. And you are making room for more lovely things to find their way to you!

  10. I also love your idea with the key shots. I have a little lantern with a silver this is also a nice motive. I love the second picture.
    Have a wonderful weekend Michelle,
    Your Brigitte

  11. My computer has similar issues ~ It's suffering from way too many photos. I've deleting a lot of files on it, but deleting photos is tough. I'm not a hoarder, but I am trying to pare down my belongings! My closets are neat most days! But don't look in my study ~ that can be scary! I enjoyed your photos in this post, Michelle.

  12. I end up just moving the photo files to my external drive! :)

  13. This brings tears to my eyes...there's a lot of that going on in my life. It is so hard to know when to do which, eh?
    On a lighter note...I find that as soon as I finally toss that (fill in the blank) I find that, after months or years, I suddenly want to use/look at/refer to 'it.' Really.