Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crazy Weather

"In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours."  -  Mark Twain

I popped a fresh K-cup into the brewer to make another cup of coffee, my first cup was cold.  It was the heat I was craving, not the caffeine.  I wanted to wrap my cold hands around a hot mug.  The temperature outside was downright cold (33°F) for a May morning.  

Earlier while brewing my first morning cup, I noticed frost on the neighbors roof.  After finding my winter coat and some shoes (no flip flops today) I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  I was hoping to photograph frost on the new spring leaves and flowers.  But the light frost was only on the roofs, good for the flowers, bad for the photography I had in mind.  As I was searching for frost, I noticed the morning was gorgeous...before I knew it an hour past.  What is it they say about time?  It flies when you're having fun? :)

We have had some crazy spring weather, a lot of rain, chilly temperatures and now a light frost.  Luckily, crazy weather can be good photography weather.  All the rain this spring created the perfect waterfall I just discovered close to my home... 

and helped grow some brilliantly colored weeds in a farmers field.

I can't believe summer break starts next week.  Next week!  My daughter will be a sophomore in high school next school year.  I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

I must be having fun. :)

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Make sure you have some fun today!


  1. I know! This weather is crazy and that is a perfect quote. Your shots are magical.

  2. Such a gorgeous waterfall. I can almost hear the water splashing. I love how you don't let the weather affect your photography. Nice photos.

  3. What great photos - I love your use of the light. In my yard in CO, there are still snow drifts, so seeing blooms (or weeds) in your photos is special for me. Keep having fun.

  4. Wow!! And what a fun surprise to find this gorgeous waterfall near your home!! Beautiful morning colors and light. Happy summer!!

  5. Wow Michelle these are gorgeous, ha ha just saw that Beverly started her comment with Wow like I did. Sorry about the cold, yes they are telling us here in AZ it is El Nino since we had had a wee bit if rain here and dust storms. But back to your images, just really wonderful each one of them.

  6. Michelle your images are so delightful! I love the leaves, so artful and dreamy, and that waterfall, the stuff of poetry!!!

  7. I have to say we are having odd weather that's actually the norm... but we've not experienced "normal" in SO long that it feels odd! You get me?/!! lol That waterfall is dreamy!

  8. We had some snow flakes last weekend, now this weekend is lovely, crazy weather.

  9. For such a cold day you sure did get some beautiful photo's. I especially love the purple flowers with that gorgeous light and that stunning waterfall. I should get out more in the early mornings, thanks Michelle.