Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Little Magic...

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."  -  Roald Dahl

I wasn't looking for it...but I found a little magic.

Trader Joe didn't have one or two little bunches of ranunculus flowers...but a whole display.  There were so many ranunculus flowers I wanted to take a quick picture right there at the store.  I should have, but didn't.  I waited to play until I got home and dusted off my big girl camera...

I am taking a little blogging break to spend some time with family...I will be back mid-April.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I hope you find a little magic in your day!



  1. Enjoy your spring break Michelle. Now I want to see IF my TJ's has these. What a pretty spring color they are! (Thanks for the tip about taking a photo in the store....Hehe)

  2. Have a great time away. I love ranunculus..they are such a sweet flower. It's fun to get out the "big girl" camera once in a while.

  3. What absolutely gorgeous ranunculus flowers. They have so many wonderful paper thin layers of petals!
    Enjoy your blog break to spend more time with your family!

  4. Breathtaking. The colors, the millions of folds. Good choice and have a beautiful day! :)

  5. Beautiful!! Thank you for passing along the beauty, Michelle! Enjoy your family and your break!

  6. Such pretty ranunculus in the most wonderful pink, Michelle !
    Magic indeed !
    Enjoy your break,

  7. That first picture is absolutely stunning! I have to look at my Trader Joe's for those ranunculus - I love that flower.

  8. That color is gorgeous. I got some at Trader Joe's also. So pretty and they last so
    Enjoy your break. I took one last week. It's good sometimes to do that. See you when you return. 😊

  9. I love those wonderful pink petals, Michelle, sweet shots. I hope that you've been enjoying the break and find magic all around you!

  10. These flowers are GORGEOUS> I might have to run down to our Traders to see what's blooming there to bring home!

  11. Your post really spoke to me because the flowers are not only beautiful, but I planted Ranunculus in my garden once, and the same color. They never made it, but my roses thrived. This is such a lovely picture of the close-up.

    Have a splendid rest of the week, Michelle.