Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 ‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.    - Maya Angelou

My family went to Franklin Park Conservatory this past weekend.  They have butterflies flying around inside their Pacific Island Water Garden.  It was beautiful, and warm.  The warm temperature felt really good.  

I love getting close and being amazed at what I see.  There are always details I have either never gotten close enough to see, or never taken the time to look at.  These butterflies are no exception.  I never noticed the upturned nose on a butterfly before, or counted granules of pollen on a butterflies legs.  I think the butterfly below needs a bath!

Today I am joining Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, the theme is 'color'.   All of my photos were textured with Kim Klassen’s texture dollard soft and gentle.

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  1. Love all the pollen on that last one, beautiful macro.

  2. Oh Michelle,
    I read your comment on my blog that you've posted butterflies pictures today and I had to laugh...
    We both had the same little adventure with this fascinating creatures. ;-)))
    Too funny! I love these pics, especially the one with the butterfly who needs a bath! A really gorgeous shot! Hey, your macro lens did a great job I would say? I've never seen those red ones! So pretty! Do you think we'll have the same motives next week? Why not?
    I wish a good week!

  3. What stunning macros of those butterflies! amazing to see the nose and the pollen!

  4. Beautiful butterfly, and your macro shots are so detailed!

  5. Hey Hey Michelle, your pics are so beatiful :) the last is my Favorite!
    have a nice week,

  6. Wonderful photos, Michelle !
    Great details and a lovely quote too !
    Have a nice week,

  7. What details you get to see when you look that close. What a great photo opportunity. Great shots!

  8. Beautiful - so much color. I love the last image - amazing capture with all of the pollen on the legs and wings!

  9. Oh, love these beauties!! How nice you were able to capture up close their details. Beautiful!!!

  10. All wonderful. Great series. You can count the grains of pollen. Amazing.

  11. Beautiful photographs! Such gorgeous colour.

  12. amazing macro shots - you must have the patience of Job!