Friday, February 7, 2014

Purple Sprig

This photo was textured with kk_dollard_softandgentle.

'Look closely.  The beautiful may be small.'
-Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

I almost threw it out.  I’m not sure what kind of flower it is. This purple sprig came as a filler with a mixed bouquet I bought earlier this week.   The top half of the sprig was dead, the bottom half still looked okay.  I grabbed my macro lens and saw it still had beauty left; I just had to look a little closer. 

In my part of southwest Ohio it snowed Tuesday night, with a little ice on top.  We have very crunchy snow.  School was closed Wednesday.  We have gone over our 5 calamity days. Right now the kids are loving it, but if the days are tacked on at the end of the school year, I don’t think they will be very happy.

My thoughts are with everyone who finds themselves snow or ice covered, or just plain cold.  Stay safe and warm.  

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  1. Brrr sounds cold, just rain and more rain here ....

  2. That's a gorgeous macro! Nice to see that vibrant colour in the middle of winter.

  3. Isn't it funny how we so often overlook those 'filler' flowers yet they really do have a beauty of their own. We always get our ice underneath the snow. Slippery.

  4. Lovely purple accents, Michelle !
    No snow here, but rain and high wind ...
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. Glad you noticed the purple flower…it is just so pretty to see today, after our big snow this week. Maybe it will open up and you'll have a new fresh bloom to enjoy!

  6. it is a beautiful little flower. I like the quote very much as well. We go the snow on Wednesday...all day.

  7. You found beauty - love the jewel tones. We have the same ice covered snow here, remember loving crunchy snow as a kid.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    this little flower has such a beautiful colour. Yes, it seems to be the right photo motive after your snow storms in the states.
    I hope everyone of you is well!
    Best, Brigitte

  9. I love the colos and the form of the flower, Michelle! Such a beautiful capture!
    I hope you and your family stay warm,