Friday, February 20, 2015

Little Miracles

'There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.'  -  Albert Einstein

Can you guess what it is?  

It is not something found outside in Ohio during the coldest week of winter.  I found these at a florist.  I bought them at the beginning of the week having intentions of drying them, but forgot.  So they hung out in a vase of water... and flowered.

Oh... I haven't told you yet... they are pussy willow branches.  
It was a pleasant surprise to see them flowering.  I grabbed my 60mm macro and shot away.  I love macro photography.  I get lost in details I would normally not even notice.

This week has been the coldest week of the winter.  Tuesday was the only day the kids went to school, they cancelled school due to snow and then the extreme cold temperatures.  The 5 inches of snow we got this week was just the right amount.  I enjoy how the sun reflects off the snow and everything is brighter, the inside of the house too.  They say more is on the way...  

Today I am joining Kim Klassen's Friday Finds, my images were textured with Kim's texture sybil.

Thank you for stopping by!!
Have a great weekend and stay warm!!

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  1. Okay, so who knew pussy willows bloomed - not I! Absolutely love the detail in that first shot!

  2. The pale yellow, and light airiness of the little blooms - so pretty!! I too love macro work, especially things like this pussy willow...thank you for the reminder to buy some.

  3. Love, love pussy willows. You never think of them as blooming. When I was teaching I always cut some down in the spring to put in a vase on my desk. It was a sure sign of spring. Great macro pictures.

  4. How brilliant! I knew right away :) because I adore pussy willows!

  5. LOVE those first two images!! My daughters love willows - they pick them all off though ☺

  6. I love pussy willows! I always dreamed of naming one of my dogs Willow, but it seems to be more of a girl name and I prefer boy dogs.

  7. Great shots. Mine flowered last year but never even thought to take a macro shot. Silly me.

  8. Wonderful captures and details of these pussy willows, Michelle !
    Oh my, extreme cold and snow ... better stay cosy inside !
    Enjoy making lovebirds ... :-)
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. The details are amazing and beautiful..I am another one that didn't know pussy willows bloomed....

  10. Oh, lovely macro work! I love pussy willows but we have none here. It's very cold here, too, and more storms on the way overnight. ** sigh ** But at least I'm not in Boston.

  11. Beautiful details, Michelle. I wouldn't have guessed that these are pussy willows. Wonderful that you forgot about them and they performed this miracle.
    I hope it will get warmer in your corner of the world soon. That sounds awfully cold!

  12. Michelle, I love that you seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary! The pussy willow photograph has such a beautiful sculptural feel - almost abstract like. So nice to think of you - soaking in the light from the sun reflected off the snow and snapping pictures of the promise of spring.

  13. I love macro also I would even venture out to say I love it most. I didn't recognise the top on, even thought I had bought some yesterday. We don't see it in the desert so I have to buy mine also.

  14. Oh I love pussy willows Michelle! I remember touching this little Cuties when I was a child. I loved this so much.
    Very amazing pictures .... as always. ;-)
    Many greetings, have a good week,

  15. Ok-I'm loving these willows! Have a great week Michelle.

  16. I need a pussy willow tree! They are just too wonderful.