Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This photo textured with kk_teatime.

Last week I read several lovely blogs which talked about books, some had beautiful images as well.  So when I was picking up some of my daughters books, this beautiful edition of Alice In Wonderland was begging to be photographed.  I searched my house for props and came across this cute tea cup and unique tea infuser.  Then came the vase and flower, all the sudden the book became part of a whole instead of the subject.  Funny how a creative whim changes as I go along…

This photo textured with kk_teatime.

I don’t remember reading Alice and Wonderland when I was a child, although I have watched a few movies based on Alice and Wonderland.  I enjoyed the movies.  A books is always better than it's movie; maybe I should put it on my nightstand.

This photo is textured with kk_teatime.

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