Friday, November 15, 2013

Flea Market Finds

This photo was textured with kk_totalgrunge.

My daughter and husband love to go to the flea market and find ‘deals’.  He looks for tools and she looks for old jewelry to turn into something new.  Neither one of them really need another tool or piece of jewelry, but the search is part of their fun.  

I was not very interested in flea markets at first.  I didn’t want to buy things I really didn’t need that would just collect dust and become clutter.  After a few visits though, I started looking at the items for sale differently.   I realized what a great place to find a new photo prop.  There are all kinds of old things that would look great in a picture.  Old bottles, doilies, an old scale and this old Coke-a-Cola crate are among a few of my finds.  I now have fun searching for new ‘old’ finds with my family.

This sunflower was the last sunflower standing from last week’s Friday Finds.  I had imagined them in an old milk bottle when I bought the sunflowers, but found a blue vase first.  This week I got the milk bottle out and looked at other flea market finds to see what would look good together.  The old Coke-a-Cola crate and some dark fabric seemed to give an old time look.  I added a grunge texture and made a look that reminds me of something that would be sitting on a counter in a general store.  So different from last Friday!

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  1. I love visiting flea markets love your still life.

  2. I like the colors in your sunflower