Tuesday, April 29, 2014


When I can’t find inspiration, who is lost?  Me or her? 

Inspiration has many different hiding places.  Sometimes I have to look really hard, sometimes I give up before I find her.   But when I keep trying, I have found inspiration on nature walks and urban walks.  I have found inspiration hiding behind props; vases, keys, bottles or even a piece of burlap.  I have seen inspiration in flowers, sunshine shining through trees, or even shadows.  Sometimes inspiration hides in plain sight.  It may take me three or four times walking right past inspiration, until I finally recognize her. I have seen inspiration reflected in the works of others, letting their works inspire me.

Sometimes inspiration grabs me and stops me in my tracks.  Other times inspiration is so quiet I miss her if I am not listening closely.  (I often wonder if Inspiration gets frustrated with me for not listening.)  The more I practice listening for inspiration, the better I get... or so I hope.  

I create to fill a longing in my soul.  I am a searcher of beauty who captures it with a camera to experience it again, and again.  My creations don’t have to be perfect.  Perfect doesn’t exist.  The only thing I can do perfectly is to Be Myself.  Be the best Me today, growing into a better Me tomorrow. 

Go.  Create.  Take pictures.  Inspire others with your work.  Inspire me. Find beauty where the cynics say there is none.  When we do what we love, we inspire others to do what they love. Together we can put more love and beauty in the world.

You can find wonderful  inspiration and beauty today over at Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  My images were textured with Kim Klassen’s textures anne and 2Bsafe. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Have a great week!

 Kim Klassen Café


  1. Oh my, your images are truly inspirational! The first white image is so different in mood than the keys - love!

  2. I love your captures and thanks for the inspiration. I need it!

  3. Ohhhhh be still my heart. I adore keys and you captured them perfect. That first photo is so so
    beautiful, light and airy. Very inspirational.

  4. You've inspired me, with these beautiful images!

  5. The keys on the old crate are fabulous....!!!

  6. What a great selection thanks for sharing....

  7. I love all of your images! Just lovely.

  8. It looks to me like you found your inspiration and what a though provoking post too. LOVELY inspirational images!
    visiting from Texture Tuesday - http://cherylmccainphotography.com/texture-tuesday-the-rhododendron-survived/

  9. I find inspiration strikes when I least expect it, which is a good thing. It becomes an extra special treasure that way.

  10. Love your inspirational thoughts, Michelle !
    Your pictures are wonderful, so love the first one ...
    and what a great collection !
    Nice week,

  11. I really love both, so different in style and you have done both so well, the keys are just wonderful. And the soft white of the above image is just awesome.

  12. Thank you Michelle!
    You inspire me every single time, with your lovely pictures!
    The keys are a wonderful camera motive!
    I love those still lifes!
    Great to look at....
    Have a good week, I send you lovely greetings...♥♥♥

  13. What wonderful antique hardware! And the uptop image ... dreamy, delightful. Love! Inspiration ... so elusive sometimes. I find that periods of drought often precede a flurry of creativity.

  14. Goodness, I love all the inspiration you've found here....oh those keys!

  15. I loved reading your blog...inspiration does come and go, you found her this week ! Your photos are wonderful :)

  16. She may be illusive, but you found her for these images. Wonderful.

  17. Great images! My favourite is the middle one - such wonderful light.

  18. What a beautiful photo with the blue and white ♥ ♥ ♥ , and the keys are superb as well!